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A Christmas update from Carr Taylor Wines

on December 18, 2015

Christmas Wine

It’s all systems go at the Carr Taylor Vineyard with the shop packing a steady stream of bottles to fulfil the orders coming in via our website and customers visiting us to buy their festive wines and our best selling Ginger Wine!

And in the office we are dispatching all the gift vouchers for Vineyard Tours which are ever popular. Our postman (Gary) had to return to his van for a sack yesterday as there were more envelopes than he could carry!

As I write this there are just 5 days before we close for Christmas. Then we stay closed until 04th January except for 5 hours on New Years Eve when we open the shop for party wines.  I personally look forward to December 22nd as the days start to get lighter again, albeit by only 6 minutes every day. My calendar says that day is the first day of winter (actually it says ‘Firs Day of Winter’ which amuses me, but just proves I need to get out more).

So the cycle will start again after Christmas with Wilma and Fred arriving to prune our 14,000 vines.  They live nomadic lives moving from turkey preparation in December to grapevine-pruning with us during the harshest of conditions before they move on to pick asparagus!  I fear for their wellbeing during sub-zero temperatures but they are made of sterner stuff than me and shrug off the worst that British Weather can throw at them.

Indoors we move to maintenance and repair, with a new shop floor being fitted in January.  Obviously there are reasons we embark on these projects when historically we are at our quietest but we are already set for one of our busiest January’s with the tour including lunch on January 9th being full already!

So as we look forward to putting our feet up after a busy year all that remains for us to do is to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mina O'BrienA Christmas update from Carr Taylor Wines

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