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Award winning English Wine

on June 16, 2011

We’ve had a couple of pieces of really great news.

Firstly, we’ve just been notified that our Alexis won a Silver medal at the English & Welsh Wine of the Year Competition 2011, and our Brut has been awarded Bronze at both this competition and the South East Wine of the Year Competition 2011.

There’s more! Our 1066 and Vessel IV were both Highly Commended at both these competitions. Well done to Alex and his team!

We also have had more good news from the production team. At long last, the Apple Wine labels have arrived, so we’re a photo and a new page away from being able to sell it online (it’s already available in our Cellar Door shop). It’s a scrumptious, aromatic wine with ripe, red apples on the nose. Crisp, refreshing and full of flavour, it can be drunk as an alternative to white wine. So watch this space…!

Just as good news is the long awaited arrival of some rain! We had got to the point of contemplating loading up tractors with tanks of water to irrigate the vineyard, especially the new vines planted last year and the year before. Fortunately, they have had a good soaking, in the nick of time! It’s also good news for another new planting we have just completed for Buckswood School. We put in an acre or so for them at the end of last month. We had just finished the trellising work when the rains started. Perfect timing!

We’ll soon be back to wanting the maximum sunshine hours, especially once flowering is underway through to harvest in the middle to end of September. But for now, rain is good. Which is fortunate, because there’s a lot of it about today!

Mark HuntleyAward winning English Wine