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Elderberry Wine

on December 15, 2011

I have blogged about the Elderberry Wine before, but I had to refresh my tastebuds yesterday (in the interests of research, you understand) and was blown away by how utterly delicious it is. I could drink it by itself but it goes so well with a mature English cheddar, butter and crackers, it seems churlish to drink it without!

On the other hand, the BBC Food website recommends that “Elderberries can also be stewed down and served on the side of roast meats such as duck, pork or game. Alternatively, make elderberry wine and use it to deglaze your roasting tin for a rich, fruity gravy“. This led to a heated discussion in the office about THE definitive way to enjoy Elderberry Wine, with an accompaniment to a rich duck pancake with hoisin sauce coming a very close second to the original mature cheddar idea.

Watch out for similar posts about the other fruit wines we make. And we’d love to hear back from you with any other food matching, or even mis-matching, experiences. Either post your comments here, or on facebook or twitter.

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