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Harvest Time

on September 6, 2011

It’s that time of year again, already. The first grapes have been delivered from one of our regular contract growers. They’ve been pressed and are in tank and it’s only just September!

It’s been a funny summer; we had a wonderfully hot spring, lots of rain where summer should have been, and suddenly autumn’s here. Despite this, our resilient grapes are looking good, with the Gutenbourner looking to be the best crop it’s ever been (good news for fans of our 1066 and Vessel IV).

We’ve had an amazing number of people coming to us for Vineyard Tours; I don’t think we’ve ever been so busy on that front. Judging by the gales of laughter that regularly blast out from our tasting room, the intermitent nature of our summer sunshine hasn’t detracted from our customers’ enjoyment of their vineyard experience.

Mark HuntleyHarvest Time