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How many grapes in a bottle of wine?

on October 20, 2011

Anyone listening to Simon Mayo’s drivetime yesterday will have heard our Office Manager, Mark Swift. He was the expert asked to answer the homework question of the day, how many grapes in a bottle of wine? Anyone who missed it can catch up on iPlayer for the next week. Fast forward to around 1.39 if you can’t wait to hear the answer!

As Mark explained, our juiciest grapes are regularly Reichensteiner, which makes up the back bone of several of our wines. If you are interested in these sort of facts and figures, or have any other burning questions about wine – the making, the storing or the drinking of it – why not get in touch. Or come and enjoy a very sociable hour or two on one of our guided vineyard tours and tutored tastings that we host all year round. Or buy a tour & tasting gift voucher for a close friend or special member of your family – would you really want to miss out though…?!

Mark HuntleyHow many grapes in a bottle of wine?