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Mead honey wine

on February 2, 2011

Both our wine-maker, Alex, and our Mead were featured recently on South East Today, our local BBC news.

The drink that used to be considered as the nectar of the gods (whether ancient Greek or Nordic) Mead seems to be enjoying something of a revival. Not just in the UK, but from Shanghai to New York, writers and revellers are enjoying this drink that has been produced here since medieval times. Although wine-making methods have come on a little since then, the basic recipe has probably changed very little since then.

The BBC’s feature also showed a clip from Hogworths, as Mead is a favourite tipple of Professor Dumbledore, for all those Harry Potter enthusiasts, which may have something to do with its renewed popularity.

Alex was filmed strolling through our vineyard explaining that the grape juice used as the base wine is from our own vines. He then did his bit in “mad scientist” apparel, complete with white coat and pipettes, adding the honey which we also source locally.

The Argus, which covers Brighton and Eastbourne, co-incidentally did a feature on Mead in the same week. They interviewed Middle Farm in Alfriston, which has an amazing array of English Meads, and specifically highlighted ours as a local success story.

All in all, a lot of very positive Mead-ia attention (sorry, but it was too hard not to!).

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