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Our website prices are the same as if you were purchasing from the vineyard itself.

Here at Carr Taylor, we endorse the old adage that you get what you pay for. We believe our wines offer great value in the context of the way they are made, and the consistent quality we maintain as a result. Unlike the more industrial wines available at your local supermarket, English wines have usually been hand-crafted using the traditional, artisanal methods that are used here and across Europe.

We pick all of our grapes by hand. All our vines are individually pruned and expertly tended throughout the year. Our wines are carefully blended to ensure a consistent quality from year to year. Our sparkling wines are made using the same traditional method as champagne, involving a second fermentation in the bottle. Each bottle is then individually disgorged (meaning the cap is forced off to dispel a small amount of wine containing the yeast sediment), corked, foiled and labelled over a period of 18 months to 3 years.

Carr Taylor Wines

Carr Taylor Wines

For these reasons, you won’t find our wines on a “3 for £10” offer in your local supermarket – those offers usually apply to mass-produced wines from huge estates that are machine picked, made in bulk and, in the case of sparkling wine, have carbon dioxide added to them in-tank. They are often perfectly reasonable wines for everyday drinking, but we assume you wouldn’t want to only have hamburgers and never taste steak! (Or only button mushrooms and never chanterelle, if you’re a vegetarian.)

We do value your custom and want to offer you good value, consistently, in return. Following research and feedback from many customers, we are offering our wines on this site at the same price as if you were visiting the vineyard.

It’s as close as we can get to bringing the vineyard shop to your doorstep! Over and above our competitive single bottle prices, we offer discounts of 3% for a half case (6 bottles) and 5% for a case (12 bottles) or more, irrespective of whether you are buying all the same wine or a mixed case of your choosing.

That’s not to mention the taxes payable to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs on each and every bottle…Perhaps we’ll leave that subject to a blog one of these days.


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