3 x Brut & 3 x Rose


3 bottles of Brut and 3 bottles of Rose sparkling wine.

3 x Brut
Vintage: 2015 | Style: Dry | Alcohol: 12% vol 75cl | Grapes: Reichensteiner, Chardonnay | Suitable for vegans

3 x Rose Sparkling Wine
Vintage: 2015 | Style: Dry | Alcohol: 12% vol 75cl | Grapes: Pinot Noir, Dornfelder | Suitable for vegans


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Additional Information

Pale golden with subtle aromas of fresh apple and elderflower, our Brut Sparkling Wine is racy and fresh. Bottle maturation provides hints of biscuit on the nose, and butter on the palate. As with all our Sparkling Wines, it is made using the same traditional method as Champagne, with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. However, using different grape varieties to Champagne results in slightly less austere, more aromatic, fruity flavours which have proved to be consistently popular over the years.

Rose Sparkling Wine
The Pinot Noir and Dornfelder grapes lend a delicate pink shade to the wine and a fresh raspberry and redcurrant streak on the palate. The soft acidity and hint of sweetness give this wine the perfect character for celebrating with friends.