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Thank you

on April 1, 2011

It’s always nice to receive thanks, especially when it’s unexpected, as you’re only doing your job anyway!

We regularly have young people come to us for a week’s work placement. We find it heartening to witness at first hand the level of enthusiasm, willingness to learn and help, and inquisitiveness about the myriad of jobs involved in the making of English wine that the vast majority of them display.

Then out of the blue, Connexions 360 – who work very hard at finding and improving opportunities for youngsters – sent us a certificate this week “In recognition of your support in supplying opportunities for local young people”.

It is an absolute pleasure to do what we can to support the local community, and thank you Connextions 360 for taking the time and trouble for thanking us. (If we’re not careful, this could get into an endless cuddly circle, but better than a vicious one!)

Mark HuntleyThank you