Other Wine & Vineyard Services

We offer a number of different services which utilise our expertise and experience.

Vineyard Planting & Consultancy

If you don’t have a vineyard and are thinking about planting one, or if you do have one but have a problem you would like to discuss with our experts, please contact us on 01424 752501 or email sales@carr-taylor.co.uk for more details on how we can help.

Contract Wine Making

If you have your own vines and are interested in having us turn your grapes into wine, please get in touch. We offer various options to either have your wine included in a separate blend for contract growers, or have your own label wine if you produce a sufficient quantity. Please contact us on 01424 752501 or at sales@carr-taylor.co.uk for more details.

Contract Bottling

Our expert wine maker and his team are often involved in bottling other producers’ wines and other products. If you would like to discuss using our skills and bottling plant, please contact us on 01424 752501 or email us at sales@carr-taylor.co.uk.


Mark HuntleyOther Wine & Vineyard Services